Money-Saving Resources

Spend less on what you don't care about, enjoy more of what you do.

I’ve pulled together a list of resources, tools and companies that can help you save money on the essential bills you’d rather not pay any more than you need to. Spend less on the stuff in life that doesn’t bring you joy or help you to reach your goals.

Review and ditch your expensive mobile contract

If your mobile contract is coming to an end soon, ask yourself “do I really need a new handset or is the one I have now fine for a while longer?”

Or perhaps your contract has already ended and you’re still using your old handset while paying the original monthly price!

In either of these scenarios, I’d highly recommend switching to SMARTY – the PAYG value leaders whose packages offer tons of data and unlimited calls. They also offer Group Plans for family savings.

SMARTY operates on the Three network, but if you don’t get good coverage from Three in your area, GiffGaff is second best and runs off the O2 network.

Compare and switch energy supplier to save £100s

If you’ve been with the same supplier for years, there’s a good chance you’re overpaying for your gas and electricity. Depending on your usage levels, this could amount to hundreds of pounds per year.

> Compare Suppliers Today

Always Compare Car & Home Insurance at Renewal

Comparison websites for car, home and travel insurance have been around for years and provide an easy one-stop-shop for comparing quotes from a wide range of insurers in one place. Confused is who I have consistently had the best experience with over the years.

Tips to keep costs low, regardless of which comparison service you go with:

  • Get a quote well in advance (at least 14 days before your renewal date). Leaving it to the day before your renewal can lead to fewer quotes as they know you don’t have much time to shop around
  • Try adjusting your voluntary excess as it may result in a significantly cheaper quote. You can self-insure for the extra by putting money in an easy-access savings account and never touching it unless the worst happens (see ‘Keeping an Emergency Fund’, above).
  • Don’t assume it will be cheaper to get add-ons like breakdown cover with your chosen insurance provider. Often it’s better to get these via dedicated providers, especially via cashback sites such as Quidco
  • Always pay annually if you’re in a position to. Monthly payments for car insurance can attract interest rates of 20% or more, adding significantly to the total cost of your premium

It’s always important to be completely honest when inputting your details into any insurance or comparison website. Providing incorrect details in an attempt to get a cheaper quote can invalidate your cover, and insurance fraud is a serious crime with potentially serious consequences.

> Get an insurance comparison now

Reduce Your Monthly Mortgage Payment

If you’re on a SVR (standard variable rate) mortgage or are coming to the end of a Fixed rate but have no plans to move home in the next few years, it’s time to have a look for a better deal.

Habito are ‘whole of market’, meaning they compare many different lenders to try and find you the best deal. Because they operate wholly online, it’s extremely convenient for consumers while also enabling them to offer a fee-free service, claiming their costs from the lender instead of you (or both).

When I remortgaged I was able to find a deal through Habito where not only was the interest rate highly competitive, but the lender paid my legal fees and gave me £500 cashback on completion. All while I paid zero fees to Habito themselves.

> Compare mortgages for free with Habito

Get Money Back When You Shop

Many websites and blogs – including this one – earn ‘referral commissions’ when they refer purchases and subscriptions to other online businesses. With consumer cashback websites such as Quidco, some or all of the commission cashback is paid directly to you.

To earn cashback from online retailers, simply register an account with Quidco and search their list of partners to see if brands you shop with are there. Be sure to click on the retailer’s link via Quidco every time before you check out (this is the important bit!) and the sale should track. It can take weeks for the retailer to eventually payout, but over the years I have earned over £1,000 in cashback against planned purchases.

Warning: Although earning cashback on products you were going to buy already is a nice little bonus, please never let the draw of cashback at your favourite store be an excuse to justify otherwise unnecessary or unplanned purchases.

> Earn cashback on your purchases

Check Your Credit Report For Free

It’s important to check your credit report before any big finance application, particularly applying for a re(mortgage). You can challenge any incorrect information and understand if you have any marks against your file.

The two big credit agencies in the UK are Experian and Equifax, and it’s worth checking both.

You can check Experian via Credit Club and Equifax via ClearScore

Learn to make Money Work For You

I’m a firm believer in continually improving one’s knowledge and skills in a wide range of areas. In fact, the foundation of financial coaching is developing people’s awareness and knowledge around areas of finance that can benefit their lives. Choosing to invest in your financial education could be the best decision you ever make: the knowledge you’ll typically gain stands to save and earn you considerably more in return. This insight will also remain with you for your lifetime and can be passed on to benefit future generations.

As someone who commutes by car and on foot, I find audiobooks are a perfect way to cram in learning while on the go and for that I use Audible.

Here is my current essential reading list, some of which are related to finance and some of which cover wider topics.

Atomic Habits
Simple, effective techniques to break bad habits and form good ones.

7 Habits of Highly Effective people
Seven essential principles to benefit all areas of your life and your relationships.

The Millionaire Next Door
The lifestyles of the rich aren’t always what the media likes to portray.

The Automatic Millionaire
Learn about the ‘latte factor’ and how saving for the future really can be easy.

The Richest Man in Babylon
This book teaches the solid principles of money.

How to Win Friends and Influence People in the Digital Age
Sound principles of engagement that can be used at work or at home.

Eat That Frog
One for the procrastinators.

The $100 Startup
For anyone who has ever had an interest in starting their own business.

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Transparency Disclosure: For transparency, I prefer to disclose that some of the above links are affiliate links, meaning I earn a very small commission if you go on to complete a purchase after clicking. However, I will strictly only ever recommend products and services I believe in and do or would use myself, even if that service doesn’t pay any commission.

Generic Guidence: The information on this page is generic information intended for guidence only. It is not financial advice personalised to your individual needs and should not be treated as such.


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