My Experience

The following skills, qualities, education and experiences help define my coaching style and are what, I believe, make me an effective and well-rounded Personal Finance Coach.

My Journey

My journey to becoming a Personal Finance Coach is a culmination of all of my life experiences and education, including:

  • A keen interest in money and personal finance from a young age, from my entrepreneurial childhood ventures to helping friends, family and colleagues on the topics of saving money, managing finances and considering the bigger picture with regard to their financial future.
  • A passion for education and self-development; I have absorbed multiple books on self-improvement, coaching, habit and behaviour change, personal finance, and business and entrepreneurship.
  • Experience training and mentoring photographers in the disciplines of landscape photography and image editing for several years. This taught me how rewarding it is to help others to develop themselves.
  • Completing a Financial Coaching programme from the leader in Financial Coach training in the UK.

Key Skills & Personal Qualities

Further, I have the following unique blend of personal qualities that I believe are ideally suited to financial coaching:

  • Calm and patient nature
  • Pragmatic and level-headed
  • Logical problem solver
  • Experienced teacher and trainer
  • Non-critical and non-judgemental
  • A temperament ideally suited to coaching
  • Entrepreneurial and resourceful spirit
  • The ability to explain technical concepts in a jargon-free, easy-to-understand way

My Personal Experience

Finally, I have life experience of everything from working my way up the corporate ladder to freelancing, starting my own business(es), savings, debts, credit-score-building, home-buying and remortgaging, being a landlord, and pensions & investing.

Let’s work together

I’m here to help you on your journey. Begin working with me today to improve your financial wellbeing.