My Why

Why I became a Personal Finance Coach

Before becoming a Personal Finance Coach, I worked for over a decade in marketing, alongside other fellow office professionals of all backgrounds. A repeating theme I observed towards the end of each month – with payday just around the corner – was how relieved my colleagues would seem, as their monthly funds were once again all but depleted. This situation is far from rare, however: as much as 70% of the country’s workforce are living paycheck to paycheck.

It’s in my nature to want to help and I knew that over the years I had developed the knowledge and skills to do so. Seeing good, hard-working people genuinely troubled by their finances, I made it my mission to help and empower others to see that money management really doesn’t have to be as complicated and mysterious as we’re often lead to believe. There are simple and effective strategies to better manage our money, allowing us to avoid the stress resulting from money mismanagement while feeling secure about your financial future at the same time.

But who wants to receive unsolicited advice on their personal finances?

I understand that seeking help with finances is something people have to come round to on their own terms. When would-be clients have concluded that ‘there must be a better way to do this!’ and have arrived at the point where they’re open and determined to turn their financial situation around, then I can step in to provide effective guidance and education that brings both immediate and long-term benefits.

I find it truly rewarding to help individuals who work hard but live in a system where we’re never taught real-world finances in schools and rarely by our parents, who received little financial education themselves.

Like many others, I also received no financial education in school or at home. Instead, I’ve spent countless hours over the years studying the topic and absorbing information so that you don’t have to. And, like everyone, I’ve made and learned from my own mistakes along the way. These temporary setbacks have helped me to grow and even helped to further fuel my passion for understanding personal finance and psychology around modern spending habits. You can rest assured that I provide non-critical and non-judgemental coaching as I’ve made my own mistakes; whatever your money problems, I’ve likely been there and done that too!

I’m here to help you on your journey. Begin working with me today to improve your financial wellbeing.


See how I’ve helped change client’s lives for the better


Pharmaceuticals Manager
Luton, England

Jordan helped me to establish my goals and review my shopping habits. With his invaluable guidance, I have learned to spend less in areas that weren’t bringing me joy and save that money towards a place of my own instead. He always has your best interests at heart.

Heather & Jamie

Freelance Videographer, DJ
Glasgow, Scotland

Jordan has helped us as self-employed freelancers, showing us great investment options and helping us with short- and long-term financial goal setting. He is extremely knowledgeable, patient and went to great lengths to give us the best advice possible. We cannot thank him enough!


College Lecturer
Dumfries, Scotland

Jordan helped me put together a plan to save for a deposit on my first home and develop a confident and healthy relationship with money. I have learned how to manage my money and put it in the right place to build towards my financial goals.