Feedback from just a few of the clients who have chosen to work with me

Raffaele, London

Jordan is a person with great skills and deep expertise in personal finance. An energetic and broad-minded Financial Coach – that’s him! Eager professional. No matter how complex the question is, he will always come up with a brilliant, elegant solution and example. I would recommend him if you need the very best in Personal Finance Coaching.

Lizzie, Hertfordshire

If you feel at your wit’s end with regards to finances and don’t know which way to turn or what to do then Jordan is the coach for you. I had lots of friends giving me different bits of advice as to how to pay off debt and manage my finances but I couldn’t make it work, Jordan changed that. I really feel that my life has changed for the better. Highly recommended!

Lindsay, Edinburgh

I really recommend this service, especially if it’s the sort of thing you would normally consider a luxury or if you’re struggling with finances. I felt I was scraping by financially and wasn’t sure if I could afford to see Jordan, but decided to take the leap and I can’t recommend him enough. I think his service is amazing value for money. It feels like having a mentor as well as a coach, and he gives brilliant guidance. Overall, it has been life-transforming and this year I have moved from being a person who feels poor and financially worried into being a person who feels financially very secure, in control and reassured about the future. It changed my life so much that I’ve purchased a ‘Financial Health Check’ for family members as gifts so that they can also benefit.

Charlie, Luton

Jordan helped me to establish my goals and overcome undesirable shopping habits that were hampering my financial progress. With his invaluable guidance, I have learned to spend less in areas that weren’t bringing me joy and save that money towards a place of my own instead. He always has your best interests at heart.

Kerry, Dumfries

I worked with Jordan to put together a plan to save for a deposit on my first home and develop a confident and healthy relationship with money. He also taught me the value of investing and showed me how easy it is to get started. After several sessions, I now have complete confidence in managing my money and how to invest it to build towards my financial goals.

Heather & Jamie, Glasgow

Jordan has helped us as self-employed freelancers, showing us great investment options and helping us with short- and long-term financial goal setting. He is extremely knowledgeable, patient and went to great lengths to give us the best guidance possible. We cannot thank him enough!